I have always nurtured this quest to explore my surroundings with bright splashes of colours, though my journey as a painter started from the other spectrum – with dark charcoal sketches portraying the inner turmoil of human psyche. My friends have a few times stolen these emotions to exhibit at boutiques and galleries in my hometown Calcutta and in Pune, which became my adopted home .

But soon destiny took me to other shores half-way around the world and I landed up promoting my works at the weekend markets along Brick Lane in east London. I have been hugely influenced by artists’ works around Greenwich weekend market. The artists’ commune at Atlantis – an art materials depot in east London – also facilitated my thirst to experiment with newer media and textures.

The real estate boom, with a renewed interest in doing up the interiors with original yet affordable works of art, can only help promote my cause; and my collage of canvases aims to achieve exactly that!

Click here to see some of my works.

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