Academic – Conferences

‘How social is social media? – -A comparative study of Kiwi-Indian and Māori women Facebook users’, NZ Asia, University of Otago, NZ, November 2017.

‘Trajectory of Facebook Activism’, Science and Art: Convergence in the Pacific, University of Guam, Guam, March 2017 (via Skype).

‘Tap an app to connect with the “imagined diaspora”’, Global Networks-Indianness Abroad: The New Zealand Story, NZIRI, AUT, Auckland, NZ, February 2017.

‘Activism via social networking’, Research Café at I, too, am Auckland, University of Auckland, NZ, September 2016.

‘How to Read the Writing on the Facebook Wall’, ANZCA, University of Newcastle, Australia, July 2016.

‘Facebook as a Platform for an Imagined Diasporic Community’, NZAsia, University of Canterbury, NZ, December 2015.

‘Online Activism and Fourth Wave of Feminism’, Trans/forming Feminism, University of Otago, NZ, November 2015.

‘Facebook as a Platform for an Imagined Diasporic Community’, Media Ubiquity: Spaces, Places and Networks, University of Auckland, NZ, October 2014.

‘Virtual Public Space and Communication Culture of Activists’, NZAsia, University of Auckland, NZ, November 2013.

‘SNS Activism in India: Pushing Traditional Political Boundaries’, NZ India Research Institute, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ, August 2013.

Digital Activism: Women and Social Networking’, 3rd International Summer School: Political Communication and Electoral Behaviour, University of Milan, Italy, July 2012.

‘Gossip as Vehicle of Activism in the “Virtual Public Sphere”’, Crossroads in Cultural Studies, University of Sorbonne, Paris, France, July 2012.

‘SNS in Activism: A Means to an End’, Journalism, Media and Democracy, AUT, NZ, September 2011.

‘SNS in Activism: A Means to an End’, ANZCA, University of Waikato, NZ, July 2011.

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