Living alone and can’t be bothered to cook? Busy with work and no time to prepare a proper meal? Too much coursework to complete and wish you could have home-cooked food? Or simply, can’t cook; won’t cook. Quik Fix is the answer to all your worries – a fast, easy and healthy way to recreate the taste of home away from home.
If you want to rustle up a meal for yourself, tap on the ‘curries’ or the ‘bread and rice’ options. There are enough recipes to try out a different dish every day.

When you are relaxing with close ones on a weekend afternoon, snack on the easy-to-prepare munchies. These ‘snacks’ promise to lift up your spirits on both summery, sultry climes as well as wet, chilly days.

Throw an impromptu party for your friends or colleagues, and swish up these ‘appetisers’ as canapés to go with the drink of your choice.

Can’t have enough of Quik Fix recipes? Shout out for more. Newer recipes will be added on a regular basis. Stay tuned.

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